Friday, February 26, 2010

Turn 5

this turn we have 2 battles

Black Templars take F5 but at the same time Eldars occupy F6.
Imperial Guard takes F3. Below there is the status at the end of Turn 5, now players will declare their moves for Turn 6


  1. The situation is strange, the cowards Eldar never attack the Imperial Guard.
    However Imperial Guard is blocked in the Templar sector and this could be an advantage.
    I attack the field F9 and I prepare my defences for my sector!

  2. +++ incoming transmission +++
    the 34th Valhalla will manage to breakout from Black Templars area.
    order 262 has been dispatched, attack F4, keep pushing!
    +++ end of transmissions +++

  3. black templar wants the space port? It will be hard. Let's see if his arrogance will go on withouth another field: I attack F5