Friday, February 26, 2010

Turn 5

this turn we have 2 battles

Black Templars take F5 but at the same time Eldars occupy F6.
Imperial Guard takes F3. Below there is the status at the end of Turn 5, now players will declare their moves for Turn 6

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Turn 4

moves have been declared, one battle has to be fought again between Imperial guard (1600 pts) and Black templars (1800 pts). Eldars gather one more field so they will be able to deploy at the end of the turn 1800 pts.

this is the situation after the battle for F3: surprisingly Imperial Guard, deploying 200 points less than Black Templars, made it and pushed the enemy away from the territory.
in addition the new Order of Actions is the same as before.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Turn 3

we have the first fight in the campaign: Imperial guard vs Black Templars. since Percival controls one more field than The Engineer's he will deploy 100 pts more than his opponent. it will be hard to take F2 for the Imperial Guard!
meanwhile, far from any fight, Eldars get control over the Spaceport.

above there is the situation at the end of the Turn 3: Percival's Black Templars vanquished The Engineer's Imperial Guard, so they consolidate their position on the planet, earning one more Field territory so they are allowed to deploy 1800 points. this makes them the strongest faction so far.
now player will declare their moves for the upcoming 4th turn.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Turn 2

one hive has been taken! also, the new order of action has been set:
  1. Percival
  2. The Engineer
  3. Prisoner

Turn 1

Turn 0 is gone without any battle, now the players will declare another turn of moves

Friday, February 5, 2010

Turn 0

deployment is complete, this is the map of Tcharkov at the start of the game.
the symbols mean:
red + aquila = The Engineer (Imperial Guard)
black + templar cross = Percival (Black Templars)
green + rune = Prisoner (Eldar) [Prisoner's icon is temporary]

now players will declare their moves in the same order used before to choose the landing zones on the planet.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Planetary deployment

the players will now declare in which of the designated hexagons will start the campaign, positioning their Leader Counter in this order:
  1. Percival (Black Templars)
  2. Prisoner (Kaelis Fleet Eldar)
  3. The Engineer (34th Valhallan Imperial Guard)
Argath (Chaos Space Marines), which is the 4th player, follows a different deployment rule that will be explained later.
this sequence is the Order of Actions (OoA) and lasts for 2 Planetary Turns, then is rerolled.