Sunday, February 21, 2010

Turn 4

moves have been declared, one battle has to be fought again between Imperial guard (1600 pts) and Black templars (1800 pts). Eldars gather one more field so they will be able to deploy at the end of the turn 1800 pts.

this is the situation after the battle for F3: surprisingly Imperial Guard, deploying 200 points less than Black Templars, made it and pushed the enemy away from the territory.
in addition the new Order of Actions is the same as before.


  1. The battle become interesting! I admire the stubbornness of the Imperial Guard, but I have to maintain my field in order to fight the Eldar with more firepower!

  2. order no.227 has been issued: not a step back!

  3. The Blitzkrieg is started! no one can stop the templars now!

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  5. The situation is problematic now: Sakarov at north and Eldar at east. But the great threat is represented by the Eldar, they have the spaceport and they take the fields too fast.
    I have to stop them! I'll invade the field F5. It won't be easy but it's too important to stop them now before they take others fields!
    Witch! Xeno! Prepare yourself!!!

  6. I think it's a good idea to be provident and prudent, so I'll take field F6 (let me take advantage of the space port 'till I can)