Thursday, February 4, 2010

Planetary deployment

the players will now declare in which of the designated hexagons will start the campaign, positioning their Leader Counter in this order:
  1. Percival (Black Templars)
  2. Prisoner (Kaelis Fleet Eldar)
  3. The Engineer (34th Valhallan Imperial Guard)
Argath (Chaos Space Marines), which is the 4th player, follows a different deployment rule that will be explained later.
this sequence is the Order of Actions (OoA) and lasts for 2 Planetary Turns, then is rerolled.


  1. Ok I start my deployment: I will take the sector 2. The field will be my aero and the three field adjacent to it will be my core.

    The core is divided as follows:
    the field under the hive "Molob" will be the HEAVY SUPPORT core.
    In clockwise the others two core will be respectively ELITE core and FAST ATTACK core.

  2. Now is my turn. I place my aerofield in location 4; Heavy support field in the core northway, elite core on the west and fast attack in the exagon between Mordrack and Breslav.

  3. i take the zone #1 and place Core grounds on 2nd & 3rd columns. take a look to the next post to see how i manage the Cores